Authority Hacker «TASS» Use Case (On Going)

The niche is quite competitive (DR 40 to 70 constantly showing in SERPs) but I’m playing it long term and slowly sneaking my way into with low difficulty keywords.

So far I haven’t been able to rank anything mayor. Most money pages are in page 2 and 3 of Google. A bunch of informational content is ranking well. It looks to me I need to keep going.

This is month six, updated 2020/10/03

Organic Traffic from USA

September was an emotional month for my TASS project.

Took a huge hit on Sep 10.

I think some kind of Google update went on, although not confirmed by Moz, or anyone really.

The reality is the server I’d setup myself at DigitalOcean (unmanaged) wasn’t behaving well.

The site started going down at random times, previous to Sep 10.

As soon as I saw the hit, I went on moving the website to Siteground,  causing a bunch of technical problems for a few weeks.

Recovery wasn’t around the corner.

Still, once everything was setup and the site stabilized, I made a few key changes in a few key articles.

Seems like Google eventually liked this changes, because I’m seeing recovery these first days of October. But I’ll talk about that next month.

Keywords in Ahrefs

Keywords are looking pretty much the same.

Ranking in top 3 are two informational pieces, and a lot of thumbnails.





Although, this last few days we coined a few Top 10 for one money page, and I’m seeing visitors coming in live, which is pretty exciting.

Still haven’t made a sale from that one money page, but it’s only been a couple days.

Amazon Affiliate

So far nothing interesting here. There was two days with nice sales (someone got the item with various accessories).

But apart from that, random sales of random cheap items from time to time.

I actually love this random sales. Making $20 from random sales with this small amount of traffic, means $2,000 from 100X traffic.

This would be on top of sales of actual reviewed products.

And I’m aiming at a lot more than 100X.


July to August 2020

Fourth and fifth month, updated 2020/09/02

Keywords showing up in Ahrefs

Top 3 positions showing in Ahrefs aren’t nearly as good as they look. Most of it (like 90%) are three or four images showing up in Image Packs for a bunch of really similar informational keywords. Still, nice to have.

top 1-3 keywords in ahrefs

top 4-10 keywords in ahrefs

top 11-100 keywords in ahrefs

Search Console Traffic

The continuous increase of impressions because of new keywords showing up and our pages moving up in rankings. Clicks on the other hand are a lot more timid since we don’t have many top 10 positions.

search console traffic

Amazon Affiliate

A few sales here and there (even a Chai Tea for $7) but nothing interesting to see here, considering I’ve spent $9,000 since it started. A long way to go.

amazon affiliate earnings

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